My first memories of the Los Angeles Dodgers is the voice of Vin Scully.  I received a radio as a gift and put it to good use during the 1973 season (to the best of my memory) as I luckily stumbled across a Dodgers broadcast early that summer.  I could only get the feed after 9:00 p.m. local time which was usually during the 4th or 5th inning, but I would listen to Vinny and Jerry Doggett call the action.  After 10:00 I would listen for my mother to walk down the hall and turn down the sound and hide the radio in case she came into the bedroom. 

Now I can see/hear Mr. Scully every game via Directv or, or at least the games he still works in.  I will cherish this season mostly because this could be our last listening to the legendary voice.

My favorite memories of Vin Scully’s call was his “Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey” as he set the infield defensive lineup, and he would do this most innings, or so I remember. 

Now that I can see/hear his entire broadcast,  I love his opening line, “It’s time for Dodger Baseball!  Hi everybody and a very pleasant evening wherever you may be.” 

Vin Scully is Dodger baseball to most of us.  Thanks for the wonderful memories.

Go Dodgers!!! 

When My Love for the Dodgers Began

1105010298669_lopes_4.jpgMy love of the Dodgers began when I was a small boy just starting to play the game. 

My friend’s family dragged me along to an Ogden (Utah) Dodgers game in the late ’60’s.  I instantly fell in love with the magic of baseball and Dodger Blue.  They wore the same style of uniforms as the big club except their logo on the hat was of a white “O”. 

Some of the Ogden Dodgers players would later become part of the great Dodgers teams of the mid-70’s.

As I became a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, as well as the Ogden rookie league club, Davey Lopes became my favorite player because I played 2nd base too.  I copied his nervous waggle of the bat as he awaited the pitch and his sidearm throw to 1st base.

It has been a special treat to have the Dodgers rookie league team back in Ogden the last few years.  They are now called the Ogden Raptors and don’t follow the same color scheme as the Dodgers, but it has been awesome to see the young Dodgers get their start.  The new baseball stadium here in Ogden has one of the best backgrounds in all of baseball.

My wife and I make one trip each year to Dodger Stadium.  It is always a major highlight for us.

Win, or lose, we “Bleed Blue!”

Go Dodgers!!!